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The Lennart Philipson award and grant goes to young scientists in biomedicine who want to start their own group after having finished postdoctoral studies.


Volker Lauschke 2017-2019

is awarded the prize/grant 2017 for his work on the development and characterization of physiological hepatic model systems with the goal to study the molecular basis underlying inter-individual differences in drug response. Read more

Maria H Ulvmar 2016-2018

Maria Ulvmar is awarded the M L Philipson prize and grant for research on the lymph node vascular specialization in regulation of anti-tumour immune responses and metastasis. Her research has potential to identify new molecular targets for immune therapy and ways to interfere with the mechanisms that are involved in cancer metastasis. Read more


»We may not live in the best of all worlds – 
but certainly in one of the most interesting«

Gösta Frick


  • Human Rights and Community-led Development

    "Human Rights and Community-led Development ,Lessons from Tostan" by Ben Cislaghi recommends Tostan as a best practice for ethical and effective development. The book is published by Edinburgh University Press.  Ben Cislaghi is an Assistant Professor in Social Norms at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (Centre for Gender, Health and Violence).  
    Read more
  • Maria Ulvmar awarded grant from VR

    Maria Ulvmar has been awarded the starting grant from the The Swedish Research Council (VR) 2016. The aim of the 4-year grant of 1.5 million per year (6 million SEK in total), is to support junior researchers to become established as independent group leaders.    Read more
  • Article by O. Idevall-Hagren

     In a recent study we discovered that a rare lipid in the outer membrane of b-cells plays a critical role in regulating the amount of calcium that enters the b-cell and, in extension, also the amount of insulin that these cells release. Experimental removal of this lipid by an optogenetic approach almost completely abolished calcium entry and strongly suppressed insulin release. Read more
  • Progress report. Jorge Ruas

    The transcriptional coactivator PGC-1alpha4 is induced by resistance exercise training and regulates skeletal muscle hypertrophy. The main aim of this project is to understand the molecular mechanisms by which PGC-1alpha4 increases muscle size and strength. Read more
  • Scientific Report, Olof Idevall-Hagren

    Many diseases are associated with disturbed organelle communication. We are trying to understand how such cross talk between cellular compartments are achieved and why they sometimes malfunction in disease. Read more
  • Mast cell progenitors identified in human blood

    Jenny Hallgren and her group's discovery of the rare human blood mast cell progenitor population implies that the development of human mast cells resembles the development of mast cells in mice. Read more

Lennart Philipson – a documentary by Mikael Agaton