Lennart Philipson Research Prize and Grant

2018 was the last year for the Lennart Philipson Research Prize and Grant. It has been a pleasure to meet and support these young scientists.

The board of MOLPS  wish them all the best for the future.

The 2018 Lennart Philipson Research Prize and Grant

In memory of Lennart Philipson, the Board of The Malin and Lennart Philipson Foundation and Prize annually awards funding, principally intended for biomedical research with a molecular focus. The aim is to facilitate the establishment of independent research groups by young, promising researchers after their post-doctoral training. 

The grant sum is SEK 1 000 000 per year for two years. Out of this sum the grantee receives a personal prize of SEK 50.000. The rest of the grant must be used for the grantee´s research, i.e. SEK 950 000 during year 1 and SEK 1 million during year 2. 

The research grant may be used to purchase material and equipment or for salaries of employed PhDs, post-doctors, laboratory engineers or the like. It may not be used to cover a personal salary. 

The following criteria must be met:

The applicant must:

•   have completed his/her PhD exam and have undergone at least one year´s post-doctoral training at an eminent educational facility abroad.

•   conduct research at Uppsala University during the period of the grant. 

At the time of application, no more than 4 years may have passed since the researcher completed his/her post-doctoral training and no more than 6 years may have passed since the researcher defended his/her PhD thesis (time may be added for parental leave). The salary of the grantee may come from the Department/Faculty or from the Science Council/Cancer Foundation or the like. 

Co-funding of overhead costs will be required of the Department where the grantee is employed, since the Foundation only allows a maximum of 10 percent of the grant to go to overheads. 

Researchers who are in the process of completing their post-doctoral training may also apply for the grant providing they commence their research at Karolinska Institutet no later than  2018-12-31. The grant is to be started no later than  2018-12-31 and can be used until 2021-12-31.  


In addition the applicant must supply:

•   A regular CV, including list of publications.

•   Statements by PhD student - and postdoctoral supervisors.

•   Research Plan (max 2 pages).

•   Information about research grants awarded for the time period 2018-2020.

•   Statement from the Department Head that the applicant will be employed there and have access to the premises for his/her research. 

•    One page of the applicant's reflections on leadership in research and science.

The assessment will take into account the scientific merit of the researcher as well as his/her general ability to act as leader in establishing a competitive and sustainable research group. 

Complete application in PDF format sorted according to the above (as one file) should be submitted to Eva Geijstedt, Kansliet för medicin och farmaci, Box 256,75105 Uppsala or Eva.Geijstedt@uadm.uu.se at the latest 2018-01-31. For further information, please visit ulf.pettersson@igp.uu.se or www.molps.se