Scientific report, Jenny Hallgren Martinsson

We have recently published that the murine version of mast cell beta tryptase, mast cell protease 6 (mMCP-6), is involved in the induction of airway hyperresponsiveness in an experimental model of allergic asthma. Read more

Scientific Progress Report, Jorge Ruas

PGC-1a4 has recently been  identified as a novel variant of the coactivator, specifically regulated by resistant-type exercise, that increases skeletal muscle size and strength. The aim of this project is to better understand the molecular mechanisms of action that confer PGC-1a4 its hypertrophic activity. Read more

Tostan Bissau restarts activities to strengthen leadership

In October 2014, Alassane Diedhou, the Guinea-Bissau National Coordinator, organized a   meeting to prepare for the next phase of the Generational Change in Three Years Campaign (GC3Y). The meeting touched specifically on the activities implemented by the   Community Management Committees(CMC).  Read more

First Lady Michelle Obama on Tostan

First Lady Michelle Obama just featured Tostan in a speech on Girls' Education. "Tostan brings together communities in Africa to assess barriers to girls' education and other issues." Read more

How physical exercise protects the brain from stress-induced depression

In a new study in mice, researchers at Karolinska Institutet show that exercise training induces changes in skeletal muscle that can purge the blood of a substance that accumulates during stress, and is harmful to the brain.  Read more

Olof Idevall-Hagren receives prize from the Göran Gustafsson foundation

2014-05-19 Olof Idevall-Hagren, researcher at the Department of Medical Cell Biology, has been awarded the 2014 Gustafsson prize. The prize is awarded to young researchers and the amount of 2 million kr will be used to establish independent research.     Read more

"A Call to Action" by Jimmy Carter

President Jimmy Carter was encouraged to write A Call to Action: Women, Religion, Violence and Power by leaders of all faiths. Almost the entire chapter 15 is devoted to Tostan and ending FGC (Female Genital Cutting).                                  Read more

KI-researchers receive Young Investigator Grant

KI-researchers Jorge Ruas and Ana Teixeira receive a Human Frontiers Science Program Young Investigator Award. The international research team led by Jorge Ruas at Karolinska Institutet includes Ana Teixeira, Jun Wu and Alexandros Vegiopoulos. Read more

New review about mast cell progenitors

In this new review article the origin and development of mast cells is described in depth. Moreover, the cellular and molecular requirements for the migration of mast cell progenitors from the bone marrow, via the blood and into tissues are portrayed.Jenny Hallgren Martinsson  Read more

Dissertation Joakim Dahlin

On 17th of October 2013, Jenny’s first PhD-student, Joakim Dahlin will defend his thesis entitled “ Mast Cell Progenitor Trafficking in Allergic Airway Inflammation”. Read more